Sculpted Makeup Look With Zero Contouring Products

Running out of contouring sticks or never have been exposed to one? Don’t worry! You can still accomplish the look without using a specialized contour kit. Whether you want to chisel cheekbones or just enhance your features, we have a few tips that are able to create the same effect of a contour stick and get your makeup fixed in just a few seconds! 

Tip 1: PIXY Perfect Fit Two way Cake 

  • Use PIXY Two Way Cake signature powder and foundation that is 1 to 2 shades darker than your skin tone for the contour.

Tip 2: PIXY 4Beauty Benefits Concealing Base  

  • Use PIXY 4BB Concealing Base to draw triangles with your fingertips or a concealer brush that start beneath your eyes and end at the apples of your cheeks. Then, blend until it is even for an immediate brightening effect. For cheekbones, use a darker concealer and down the sides of your forehead near the hairline. 

Tip 3: PIXY 4Beauty Benefits Loose Powder 

  • PIXY 4BB Loose Powder to apply to areas that naturally reflect light, such as your cheekbones, temples, nose bridge, brow bone, eye corners and cupid’s bow. It should be blending out with your fingers for a natural appearance to prevent seeming.

Tip 4: PIXY Twin Blush 

  • Instead of using a contouring stick or a bronzer palette, start “draping” PIXY Twin Blush over your face to shape it. Forget about your cheek’s apple entirely as you may give the appearance of cheekbones by sweeping a darker blush just below the apples of the cheek. The edges should then be rounded off by blending the lighter shade on top. .

Navigating makeup requires knowledge, expertise and experience, hence, if you’re lacking a certain product, it’s fine because all you need is to know how to make use of the product you already have and turn them into multipurpose to achieve the look you want. Hope this helps and have fun experimenting with the tips given!