Easy Tricks To Get The Best Coverage Out Of Your Cushion Foundation

As the beauty world reconstructs itself to welcome more dewy and ‘no makeup’ makeup looks, beauty enthusiasts like yourself realize the indisputable power of cushion foundations. With light to medium coverage, these handy little compacts are usually beneficial to your skin. They hydrate, promote supple luminous skin, cover any redness and blemishes and give you a more natural-looking finish.

However, there are a few techniques and tricks to achieving the coverage you’re looking for!

  1. Make sure your skin is well-prepped – Cushion foundation have a tendency to wear unevenly or look patchy if your skin isn’t prepped correctly. To not let this happen, use a primer or lightweight moisturizer! The ultimate primer we love definitely PIXY Make It Glow Beauty Skin Primer.
  2. Use the right amount of product – Did you know that one light press onto the sponge will give you more than enough product for half of your face? Yes, by knowing the right technique and how much product you should use, you will not end up with a cakey base. So remember, a little goes a long way!Dab your puff onto the compact cover or dab onto the back of your hands to get the extra product off first to adjust the amount before applying it to your face. This will help the foundation last longer with a natural-looking effect.
  3. NEVER swipe! Unlike applying with your fingers or brush, the rule with a cushion foundation is to never swipe or drag the puff. Instead, applying a dabbing or rolling motion all over your face will help achieve a smooth finish. To reduce the appearance of your pores, gently press these areas with the edge of your puff with soft, small circular motions.
  4. Set your base. Finish off by using the entire surface of the puff and pat it down gently. Besides this, you can set your base with powder or setting spray to make sure that the base is locked and uneven parts are smoothened out. You may as well go with PIXY Glowssentials Vitamin Infused face mist for extra skincare benefits!
  1. Clean your puff regularly. Treat your cushion puff just like any other makeup sponge and brush, it needs to be cleaned regularly. You may want to consider adopting the habit of cleaning the puff with an oil cleanser after every use to prevent the formation of bacteria on the puff which could cause acne and irritations.It is also easier for you to gauge how much product you’re using when your sponge is clean and as good as a new one!

There you have it! Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Learn your way to get the coverage and finish you love by practising different techniques until you nail it!