5 Reasons Why You Should Start Exfoliating

Your skin is still looking dull even though you religiously use your skincare? Chances are you have a build-up of dead skin cells. For your skin to remain healthy and radiant, cleansing, moisturizing, and using sunscreen are insufficient. So, it is best to incorporate exfoliating into your skincare routine.

Let’s break down what is exfoliating in detail.

What is Exfoliating?

Exfoliating is the process of eliminating excess dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin through the use of chemicals, granular substances, or exfoliating devices. Whilst your skin loses old skin cells naturally every 30 days or so, some dead cells persist on the skin’s surface. This causes several skin concerns, including clogged pores, dry and flaky skin, and the list goes on.

Here are five reasons why you should start exfoliating today:

  1. Unclogs Pores

One of the primary benefits of exfoliating is, that it helps to unclog your pore. An exfoliant, as opposed to a facial cleanser, can go deeper into your pores and helps in extracting all the dirt and impurities that are left on your skin. For instance, PIXY’s Clay + Scrub Face Mask has Bentonite Clay that helps absorb excess oil and remove dirt and impurities on the skin.

  1. Prevents Blemishes/Acne

Skin complications occur when the skin is unable to “breathe” due to the accumulation of oil, dead skin cells, and dirt clogging your pores. Exfoliating help keep your pores clean and unclogged and effectively reduces the likelihood of acne breakouts or blemishes.

  1. Promotes Healthier Glowing Skin

We lose skin cells every 30 days or so and exfoliants are great in assisting in shedding them, allowing new healthy skin cells to emerge and giving you rejuvenated radiant skin. Besides that, exfoliating stimulate blood flow to your face. As a result, your skin will appear brighter, and youthful with a natural glow.

  1. Prevents Patchy Makeup

Have you ever noticed that no matter how well you apply your makeup, it is always turned out patchy? Dead skin cells are a primary contributor to uneven skin texture and patchy makeup. Exfoliating can help to eliminate dead skin cells and even out your skin texture, allowing your makeup to glide on smoothly. As a result, your makeup will considerably be more flawless. You do not have to break the bank with expensive makeup, just give  PIXY’s Two Way Cake a try! It works well as a makeup base or as a finishing powder that helps brighten up your complexion.

  1. Preps the Skin for Skincare

Dead skin cells cannot be revived, so rubbing your expensive skincare products all over them will do very little. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week helps skincare products to penetrate better into your skin and absorb all the benefits.

Want that peeled egg-looking skin? Starts exfoliating today!