All You Need for Your New Year Regime

The year 2024 is here! There’s also a lot to learn if you want to be ahead of the curve on the beauty trends that will be big this year. You can dive into creative makeup, where artistic expression is taking centre stage, after learning about the newest viral skin-care fad. Discover all the information you require to remain ahead of this year’s skincare and cosmetic trends below.

Skin Streaming
A recent trend is “skin streaming,” reducing your skin-care regimen to three or four must-have items. More people are becoming skin minimalists and avoiding 10-step regimens.

In addition to saving time and money, skin streaming may reduce the effects of each active ingredient or avoid over-exfoliating or employing competing active chemicals that are too harsh on the skin. 

All about natural
In terms of skincare products, brands are increasingly researching and introducing new ingredients derived from natural sources. A new era of skincare is on the horizon, where enhancing the skin’s function with natural ingredients takes front and centre. 

Unique natural items that are rooted in plants and fruits can all be utilised in skincare. 2024 might see a surge in science-backed products that use these super-charged components even more.

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Less is more
If anyone is still doing their 10-step skincare routine, it’s time to say goodbye to the excess serums, oils and creams. This trend has already reared its head this year, going stronger into 2024 as we keep streamlining our beauty routines.

The focus will now be on simple skincare – we want to restore the barrier function and the skin’s immune system so that inflammation goes down and the skin looks healthy and supple.

Peach Fuzz
Pantone has named Peach Fuzz the colour of the year for 2024, and we can’t wait for a plethora of peach-coloured products to reach the shops, particularly in the beauty department. This soft, warm colour works well on many skin tones and is ideal for lips, cheeks, and eyeshadow.

Adding this colour to your next glamorous look is simpler than you may think. We recommend incorporating blush tones and peachy shades in the eye crease.

’90s Makeup
The beauty world is beginning to relive the iconic ’90s makeup trends, and we are here for it! It draws inspiration from the iconic stars and supermodels of the decade. Frosty eyes and lips certainly defined the era, and we can’t forget about the heavy lip liner —  a bold statement that redefined lips, adding that edge to a pout. All this can be achieved when you have all the essentials. 

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Soft glam
One trend we firmly agreed on was soft, subtle glam that plays up natural features, rather than masking them. How does this translate? Think flushed cheeks, feathered brows, dewy complexions, freckles and hydrated lips. Try pops of colour to the cheeks, and lip liners topped with lip balms or gloss and you are good to go!