2024 Makeup Trends

As we step into the year 2024, it’s exciting to think about the new makeup trends that will be hitting the scene. With each passing year, the beauty industry continues to evolve, bringing us innovative and creative looks that push boundaries. So, let’s dive into the future and explore the makeup trends that we can expect to see in 2024.

Firstly, one trend that is predicted to take off in 2024 is holographic makeup. Imagine having a holographic sheen on your cheeks or lips that changes colours as you move. This futuristic makeup trend will allow you to experiment with a wide range of vibrant and iridescent shades, creating a mesmerizing effect that’s bound to turn heads. The holographic trend is all about embracing individuality and expressing oneself through dynamic and eye-catching makeup looks.

Another exciting makeup trend expected to make waves in 2024 is minimalism. As the world becomes more conscious of the environment and sustainability, many are leaning towards a more natural and minimalistic approach to their makeup routines. In the upcoming year, we can expect to see fewer heavy layers of foundation and focus more on enhancing natural features. The minimalist trend will encourage us to embrace our unique beauty, flawlessly accentuating our best features with a touch of highlighter, a swipe of mascara, or a tinted lip balm.

Thirdly, bold and graphic eyeliner is projected to be a major trend in 2024. This trend takes inspiration from the iconic ’60s cat-eye but adds a modern twist. You will have fun experimenting with different shapes and techniques, amplifying your eyeliner game with bold wings, floating creases, or graphic lines that defy traditional boundaries.

Additionally, 2024 is likely to be the year of the “glowing from within” trend. Instead of striving for a matte finish, time to embrace a dewy and luminous complexion. This trend revolves around skincare, as taking good care of the skin becomes the foundation for a radiant makeup look. Prioritize hydrating and nourishing your skin, opting for lightweight foundations or tinted moisturizers that allow the natural luminosity to shine through. To enhance the glow, use highlighters strategically on the high points of their faces for an ethereal, lit-from-within effect.

Lastly, the year 2024 might bring a resurgence of ’90s-inspired makeup trends. This retro comeback pays homage to the iconic styles of the past, with grungy brown lipsticks, stark black eyeliner, and soft matte eyeshadows making a comeback. Channel your inner ’90s nostalgia by experimenting with dark lip shades, creating bold and smoky eyes, and even rocking the iconic thin eyebrow trend. Whether it’s a modern twist or an authentic throwback, the ’90s trend will provide an avenue for students to explore vintage makeup styles.

As we enter the year 2024, you can anticipate an array of exciting makeup trends. From holographic shades to minimalist looks and bold graphic eyeliner, the future of makeup is all about self-expression and embracing individuality. Whether students prefer a dewy glow or a ’90s vibe, the upcoming year will offer endless opportunities to experiment with new styles and shapes. So, get ready to step into the future and have fun with these trends as you embark on your journey of self-discovery through makeup!