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Why are so many loyal to PIXY UV Whitening Two Way Cake?
Follow the stories of PIXY users as they share their experiences and the secrets towards their loyalty to PIXY. We wish them a very big thank you and our appreciation goes out to all of them!

Sofia Abbas

I am Sofia Abbas, founder of Akademi Kecantikan Artistik Diyana and I have been in the beauty industry for about 28 years. I use PIXY Two Way Cake for well-known models during photoshoots and even for students of the academy. At the academy, we teach Day Occasion Makeup,Photoshoot Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Stage Makeup, Film Makeup and High Fashion Makeup. The PIXY powder is flexible enough and suits all types of makeup techniques. What I’m most impressed with is that the quality of PIXY is good, long lasting AND reasonably priced. This makes it easily purchased by makeup artists and even our students.